(December 2018)

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Secondary Education, Instituto Nacional de Enseñanza Media “Ramiro de Maeztu”, Madrid, (1948-55). Scholarship, American Field Service (Oswego, Oregon, USA, 1955-56). High School Diploma, LOHS, 1956. Diploma "Degré Superieur" in French Language and Civilization, Universities of Toulouse and Bordeaux, Pau, 1958. M.A. in Political Science, Universidad Complutense, Madrid (1960). First Award of UCM-M.A.’s in Political Science, 1960. National First Award in Political Science, 1961. Diploma from the School of Industrial Organization (speciality in Business Organizations), Madrid, 1961. Fulbright Fellowship, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., USA, 1961-63. M.A. in Sociology, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1962. Population Council Fellow, 1963-64. Ph.D. in Political Science, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 1967. Full Professor (tenured) in Sociology (1971).

Director of 25 doctoral dissertations  1968 y 2018

Eight teaching six-year terms (1964-2003) (Terms 7th and 8th by resolution of the Administrative Appeals Court)

Six research six-year terms  (1962-1997) (The law does not admit more than six).




·       Member of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, medal 26, Madrid, 2018- .

·       Co-Director, International Seminar World Values Survey, U. of Almería, 2017-  .

·       Honorary Professor, University of Almeria, 2017-  .

·     Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Department of Sociology II (Human Ecology and Population), School of Political Sciences and Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid (Full Professor 1975-2008, Professor Emeritus 2008- ).

·       Founder-President, Análisis Sociológicos, Económicos y Políticos (ASEP), (1982- )

·       Delegate of the Spanish Chapter (elected), European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg (2014). Member of the Academy (2001- ).

·       Founder-President, FADDIS (Foundation for the Analysis and Dissemination of Social Surveys Data), (2009- ).

·       Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Values Survey (elected 2016- ), (formerly Vice-Chair 2013-2016,, member of the Steering and Executive Committee, elected 1993-2004, Vice-President 2004-2008, Permanent Advisor 2008-2013).

·       PI for Spain in the following international research groups: World Values Survey (WVS 1990- ), International Social Survey Program (ISSP, 1994- ), Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES, 1994-2017).

·       Regular lecturer at the CESEDEN and ESFAS (Higher Study Centre for National Defence) (1974- ).

·       Member (elected) of the Free Emeritus College (2011- ).

·       Senior Researcher at the Royal Institute Elcano 2014-  (Formerly member of the Scientific Council 2002-2014), Association for the Defence of Values of the Transition (2007- ), Advisory Committee of Corporate Excellence (2011- ), Scientific Committee of the Anna Lindh Foundation (2012- ), Executive Committee of IPSA’s Research Committee 17 on Comparative Public Opinion (2012- ), Scientific Committee of the Spanish chapter of International Transparency, and other organizations and editorial boards.




·       Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica de Innovación 2013-2016: Perception of Security in a Comparative International Perspective  (PESPIC). 2014-2015 (project funded by the National Research Plan CSO2013-48073-R)

·       European Commission, FP-7 Program: Political and Social Transformations in the Arab World, 2013-2015 (ARAB TRANS).

·       Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Plan Nacional: World Values Survey 2010 in Spain and Morocco, 2011-12.

·       SIDA Foundation, Sweden: World Values Survey 2005 in Spain and Morocco, 2006-08.

·       Ministerio del Interior de España: Consequences of Foreign Immigation on the Spanish Labour Market, 2002-03.

·       Fundación Telefónica en Marruecos: World Values Survey 2001 in Spain and Morocco, 2000-2003.

·       Plan Nacional de Investigación, Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid: Socio-economic Factors of Fertility in Spain and in the Madrid Region, 1975-2000, 2000-01.

·       CICYT, MEC, España: World Values Survey 1995 in Spain, 1994-96.

·       Ford Foundation:  Fertility in Spain, 1971-73.

·       Instituto Balmes de Sociología, CSIC: Volume, Density and Growth of the Spanish Population, 1969-70.

·       Fundación Manuel Aguilar: Spanish Major Cities, 1968-69.

·       Fundación FOESSA: A Catalogue of Social Indicators on Spain, 1967-68.

·       Fundación Juan March: Functional Specialization and Dominance in Urban Spain, 1965-67.

·       The Population Council of America : Functional Specialization and Dominance in Urban Spain, 1963-64.




2009: ● I International Conference of Think Tanks in Developing Countries(Cairo, January); ● World Social Science Forum of the International Social Science Council, UNESCO (Bergen, May); ● 5th International Conference on e-Social Science (Köln, June); ● XXVI Summer University, Andorra (August); WVS Survey Research in MENA region (Alexandria, September); ● 3rd OECD World Forum on “Statistics, Knowledge and Policy” (Busan, November).

2010:Institut Royal d’Etudes Stratégiques (Rabat, February). ● Tenth Doha Forum, Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Doha, June). ● Tenth Doha Forum, Arab Democracy Foundation (Doha, June). ● Seminar on the Future of European Intelligence, Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI-UE), (Madrid, June).

2011: ● PEOPLE, Seminar on Work beyond 50 years (Prague, April). ● “Democracy, Political Parties, Political Representation and Political Decentralization”, in  Cairo Dialogues Conference, Cairo, July 27-28.

2012: ● Scientific Committee of the Anna Lindh Foundation (Cairo, June).

2013: ● Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI)-World Values Survey Association-Arab Barometer (Doha, Qatar, March).

2014: ● Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI)-World Values Survey Association-Qatar University (Doha, Qatar, March).

2015: ● ARAB TRANS "Political and Social Transformations in the Arab World", Open Conference and Plenary Meeting, Cairo, 2-4 febrero. ● Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI)-World Values Survey Association-Catar University (Doha, Catar, marzo). ● Columbia University, Nueva York (abril), Higher School of Economics, Moscú, (noviembre).

2016: ● "The Perception of Security in Arab Countries",  IPSA World Congress of Political Science 2016, Poznan (Poland), July 23-28.

2017: ● "Socio-cultural differences in Social Exclusion", World Association for Public Opinion Research, (WAPOR) Annual Conference, Lisboa, July.

2018: “Qualities that should be taught to children: World Comparative Analysis”, Ideological  and Political Education  Center, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Popular Republic of China, June 19-21. Information Exposure in MENA region countries, (WAPOR) Annual Conference, Marrakech, June 26-30. ●  Cycle of lectures on Social Research and consultant, Ideological  and Political Education  Center, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Popular Republic of China, October 10th to November 10th.




34 books, 283 articles and book chapters in academic journals. All my publications are accesible in www.juandieznicolas.es The most recent are:




·       “Construcción de un Índice de Xenofobia-Racismo”, Migraciones Internacionales. Revista del Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración, Nº 80, Madrid.

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·       “El trabajo más allá de los 50: Informe sobre la prolongación de la vida activa”. CEOMA, Madrid.

·       “The Role of "Think Tanks" in Developing Countries: Values in the Mediterranean Region”. Nomads. Mediterranean Perspectives, N° 1, Madrid.

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·       La Seguridad Subjetiva en España: Construcción de un Índice Sintético de Seguridad Subjetiva, Ministerio de Defensa, Madrid.

·       Estilo de vida y hábitos de la población pediátrica, en J. Sánchez Fierro y A. Rivero Cuadrado,   

Estilo de vida y hábitos de la población pediátrica Latinoamericana y su implicación en la                   

obesidad , Cátedra de Salud Pública y Gestión Sanitaria, Universidad Europea de Madrid




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·       "Sociological theory and social reality". Bulletin of People's Friendship University of Russia, no. 3.




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·         "The Perception of Security in the International Comparative Perspective", Bulletin of Peoples' Friendship University in Russia, Sociology Series, no. 2, Publishing House, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscú.




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·       "Sociologia de la Defensa", en Jesús Rafael Argumosa Pila (ed.), Defensa: Estado y Sociedad, El caso de España, Salamanca-Stockholm: Instituto Europeo de Estudios Internacionales.



·      Director, Chair for Research in the Social Sciences and Security, Universidad Europea de Madrid, 2013- 2017.

·      Analyst of the survey data of "2eme édition de l'Enquête Nationale sur le lien sociale ", Institute Royale d'Etudes Stratégiques (IRES), Rabat, Morocco, novembre 2016.

·       Member of the Executive Committee and Associate-Director for Southern Europe, European Centre for Survey Research, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, (2011-2015)

·       President, Fundación AGE (Activos de Gran Experiencia), (2014-2017)

·       Consultor internacional para encuestas electorales, “Elections observation in Belarus”, Eurasia Barometer, octubre 2015.

·       Member, Group of Experts on Cultural Diversity and Development UNDP/Spain Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F), United Nations (2007).

·       Member, Experts Committee for the study of “Dependence in Spain” (appointed by the Secretary of State for Social Security in Spain, 2003-04).

·       Member, “Comité des Sages” for the “Dialogue between peoples and cultures in the Mediterranean region”, (appointed by Mr. Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, 2002-2004).

·       Vice-President for Membership and Finance, International Sociological Association, (elected 1998-2002), (formerly member, Executive Committee, elected 1994-98).

·       President, Forum for the Social Integration of Immigrants, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (elected 1999-2001).

·       Member (elected) of the Board of Directors, Roper Center, University of Connecticut (1997-2000)

·       President, Spanish Federation of Sociology (FES, elected 1995-1998).

·       Consultant for Project SIGMA: Opinion Polls for the Reform of Public Administration, OCDE (1997).

·       Vice-President (as expert), Economic and Social Council of the Autonomous Community of Madrid (1992-98).

·       Member, Group of Experts that drafted the proposal on the “Viability of an European Social Survey", European Science Foundation, (1995-96).

·       Founder-Director, Centre for Research on Social Reality (CIRES, 1990-96).

·       Chair, Seminar on “Society and Armed Forces”, Institute of Strategic Studies, CESEDEN, Ministry of Defence (1983-92).

·       Chair, Commission on Public Administration Statistics, National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of the Presidency (1982-91).

·       Chair, European Population Committee, the Council of Europe (elected 1985-87), (formerly Vice-chair and member of the Bureau, elected 1982-85).

·       Advisor to the Vice-President for Political Affairs of the Spanish Government (1982).

·       Member, Political Council of the Centre Democratic Union Party (UCD, elected 1981-82).

·       National Secretary of Information, Centre Democratic Union Party (1981).

·       Deputy-Minister for Regional Planning and Environment and President of the Inter-ministerial Committee on Environment (CIMA), Ministry of Public Works and Urbanism (1979-81).

·       Founder-Director General of the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS), Ministry of the Presidency (1977-1979).

·       Director General, Public Opinion Institute (1976-1977), Ministry of the Presidency.

·       Founder-Chair, Human Ecology and Population Department, Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, Complutense University, Madrid (elected 1975-1992).

·       Full Professor (tenured) in Sociology (Human Ecology and Population), Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, Complutense University, Madrid, (1975-2008).

·       Rector, National University for Education at a Distance (UNED, 1974-77).

·       MP (as Rector), Spanish Cortes (Parliament) (1974-76).

·       Member of the National Council on Education (1974-77)-

·       Founder-Director General, National Institute for Educational Sciences (INCIE), Ministry of Education and Science (INCIE, 1974-76).

·       Director General of Social Planning and Secretary of the Inter-ministerial Committee on Environment (CIMA), Ministry of Planning (1973-74).

·       Vice-Rector, University of Malaga, Malaga (1972-73), (formerly Vice-Dean of the School of Economic and Entrepreneurial Sciences, University of Granada at Malaga, 1971-72).

·       Full Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology,     Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and Full Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurial Sciences, Universidad Autonoma of Madrid (1971-1973).

·       Full Professor (tenured) in Sociology at the University of Granada (1971-72) and at the University of Malaga (1972-75).

·       Secretary for Social Sciences, Juan March Foundation (1970-1979).

·       Advisor to the Director General of Urbanism and Founder-Secretary of the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Enhancement of the Environment, Ministry of Housing (1970-71).

·       Lecturer in Sociology, Instituto Social Leon XIII (U. Pontificia de Salamanca (1963-1971) and the  Church School of Journalism (1970-71).

·       Co-founder of the Public Opinion Institute. Technical Director and Secretary General, 1963-69, Ministry of Information and Tourism.

·       Teacher of English at the Instituto Nacional de Enseñanza Media “Ramiro de Maeztu”, 1956-61.




·       Great Cross of Alfonso X el Sabio, 2014.

·       Medal for Police Merit, with white ribbon, 2013

·       National Award in Sociology and Political Science from Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 2012

·       Honorary Rector, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 2012.

·       Doctor Ad Honorem in Political Science and Sociology, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 2012.

·       Medal for Constitutional Merit, 2011.

·       Award “Hidalgo” given by Presencia Gitana (Gypsy Presence, 1998).

·       Cross for Naval Merit, 1994

·       Golden Medal, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 1992

·       Great Cross for Military Merit, with white ribbon, 1975.

·       Research Prize “Diego Saavedra Fajardo”, CSIC, 1970.

·       Medal for Civil Merit, 1968.

·      Silver Victor, 1961.